Fast Guaranteed Payday Loans online same day


If you are looking for guaranteed payday loans with 100% approval, you should apply for short-term loans online, which can be got by everyone, who is able to meet minimum basic requirements regardless of the credit rating the borrower has. Besides guarantees of getting a payday loan, the payday loan lenders offer 100% privacy and security and 100% positive results.

Payday loans online are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that facing an emergency you may enjoy guarantees of having financial support when you need it most. Equal rights to get guaranteed loans are offered to any type of the borrower, either good or bad credit borrower. In case you don’t have any credit rating at all but have a stable source of income, you may be sure that you will be given an opportunity to be approved for a loan easily.

Guaranteed loan is your 100% solution of temporary financial hiccup

Payday loans have been designed with the aim to give a helping hand to those borrowers, who have suddenly faced unexpected expenditures, which weren’t planned in their budget for month. Temporary difficulties, which can be solved with an amount of fast money from $100 up to $1000, are exactly those problems that you can easily solve applying for an instant payday loan online.

They are aimed to be your quick help, when bank loans suppose longer period of time spent on credit check and verification process. In case you need money now, don’t waste time and get your 100% guarantee of being able to deal with your trouble today as the loans are going to be transferred within one business day compared to the bank loans, which getting usually takes you several days.

Simplicity of getting payday loans is one of the reasons, why so many people prefer using these short-term loans in case they need to pay urgent bills, repair a car, pay back the previous credit or any other things requiring a rapid reaction from your side. What can be easier than applying online and spending not more than 3-5 minutes filling in an application with the basic personal information required.

How to qualify for guaranteed payday loans?

Check out which requirements you should meet in order to make sure you have 100% chances of being approved for a payday loan. They are the following:

  • Your age must be not younger than 18 years old.
  • You must be employed or have some other source of money considered to be a steady one.
  • You must share passport details and Social Security Number.
  • You must have a citizenship of the country where you apply for a payday loan.

According to the legislation, all these requirements must be met obligatory if you want to have the guarantee of getting payday loans online.

Which income should you have to get a guaranteed payday loan online?

Most number of payday loan lenders prefer providing employed customers with payday loans, however, there are those who are ready to offer guaranteed approval to unemployed clients as well. In case of not having a current job at the moment, you should have another source of money to be able to repay your payday loan back. It is preferable to have not less than $1000 per month or at least such amount of money in order you can repay the borrowed sum plus interest without causing harm to your monthly budget.

Take into account that the guaranteed payday loan is a short-term loan, which supposes to pay it back in 1-2 weeks when you get your salary. You can apply for the amount of money up to 100$, however, some states have restrictions and limits, which should be kept in mind, if you are going to get a loan. It is recommended to find out everything about your state’s regulations concerning payday loans online as the amount offered by the payday loan lenders may be lower than you may be satisfied with.

To get the guaranteed payday loans, you should present the documents, which may prove that you get monthly salary. Such document can be your paycheck. If you are currently unemployed but have some other stable source of finance, you should also have some evidence to demonstrate your payday loan lender that you will be able to make the loan repayment on time.

Besides a guarantee to get a payday loan, you are 100% guaranteed to have:

  • Fastest Approval (it takes from 10 to 15 minutes due to the absence of the credit check).
  • Safety of personal information (it is encrypted with the high-standard methods of protection data).
  • Positive answer regardless of your credit history (guaranteed payday loans are for everyone, who is looking for an urgent financial support. Bad credit borrowers have the same chances to get the loan as those who have perfect credit rating).

What kind of information must be included in your application form for a guaranteed loan?

When you apply for a guaranteed payday loan, you should have all necessary information at hand not to complicate the procedure of filling in a simple form, which includes such data as:

  • Your contact information( valid e-mail, telephone number).
  • Your identification data.
  • Your employment details.
  • An amount of money you want to borrow.
  • Banking account data.

How is the whole process of getting guaranteed payday loans organized?

Online payday loans can be got without any hassle or paperwork involved. The entire procedure takes from several hours to one working day. There are several easy steps to take if you have taken a decision to borrow instant money from the direct lender. First of all, enter the website of the lender you have chosen. It is recommended to choose a payday loan broker in case you want to get the best offer tailored to your needs and chosen specially to suit your financial situation. If you are sure that you don’t need the services of mediator companies being able to find a trustworthy direct lender by your own, then read the reviews of those who have already used the services of this lender.

When you have taken a decision whom to borrow money from, the next step will be to apply for a loan via an internet application that is very simple. After submitting an application form, you need to wait several minutes until you get the confirmation in the form of an e-mail or a telephone call, that’s why it is important to provide the lender with the valid contact information.

After being approved, you will have time to think everything over and sign an agreement, after which you will get money within 1 business day. The loan will be transferred directly to the banking account, which details you have mentioned in the application form.

Get and pay your loan back without leaving your desk

Payday loans online have provided a possibility to enjoy comfort while you are applying for a short-term loan online. All stages necessary for the final step-getting money take place in the Internet. You apply for the loan, sign a loan agreement and receive the loan without going out anywhere. Moreover, the repayment process is the same: no need to go out to pay money back thanks to the specially designed withdrawal system, when your payday lender withdraws the borrowed amount of money plus interest rates on the due date, which was stated in the contract.

No discrimination on grounds of teletrack results

Equal rights are guaranteed for all borrowers, who want to enjoy instant payday loans. It means that regardless of your credit rating, you should meet the same requirements as good credit clients. No additional demands for bad credit borrowers make payday loans online the perfect solution of financial problems in case an individual can’t get the traditional bank loan. Absence of credit check helps to save time and get money faster compared to getting a bank credit.

If you have the credit rating scored over 720, it is considered to be an excellent result for applying for payday loan online. However, the lower figures like below 584 are also ok for getting payday loans guaranteed. Moreover, the credit score is not a verdict that can’t be changed. It is possible to improve your credit history gradually by paying money back on time.

No such failures in credit history, which may prevent from getting guaranteed loans

Bad credit is fine as well as no experience in getting any kind of credits at all. Poor credit score or its absence can’t influence the decision to provide you with a chance to enjoy fast money for covering your unplanned expenditures.

Payday loan lenders don’t leave those who are in need by offering to borrow money meeting the same requirements as clients with perfect reputation.

Ignore faxing and paperwork-enjoy simplicity of getting a guaranteed loan

What makes payday loans so attracting for customers? One of the reasons is that they are completely hassle-free. You don’t have to spend time on printing or scanning, faxing or writing something as all you need is done online.

The aim of payday loans online is to provide fast help to those who need it urgently. Absence of documentation makes this type of a loan really the short-term one.

Advantages and disadvantages of guaranteed payday loans

As any service, payday loan has certain benefits and some drawbacks. However, there are not many cons compared to pros payday loan lenders offer you. In any case, it is recommended to weigh all positive and negative points to take your reasonable well-informed decision.

Among the advantages there are the following:

  • Fastest possible decision within minutes, which serves really a reliable source of money in case you have faced an urgent situation.
  • Trust is the base of relations between the direct lender and the borrower as no credit check is provided.
  • Solve your financial problems from the comfort of your home as payday loans online don’t require going out anywhere.

Among the possible disadvantages there are such as:

  • There is no personal contact with the lender, it may be a disadvantage for those borrowers who prefer discussing all issues individually.
  • Need to check if the lender is trustworthy as there are many scammers in the internet. Check all terms and conditions before sharing your personal information with anybody in the World Wide Web.
  • Payday loan online is not the cheapest form of credits. However, the cost can’t be considered unreasonable as the price you pay to the broker for the payday loan services corresponds to their simplicity and comfortable use.

Quiz “How do guaranteed payday loans work?”

Check how well you understand the work of the payday loans online by choosing the correct answer among the two variants offered:

  1. Access to the Internet and personal data at hand is enough for getting a payday loan.

    • Yes
    • No

  2. Bad credit borrowers can’t get the guarantee of getting payday loans online due to their bad credit rating.

    • Yes
    • No

  3. If you turn to the payday loan broker, you will be able to benefit from the best match for your request.

    • Yes
    • No

  4. The difference of traditional bank loans and guaranteed payday loans is in the absence of paperwork and faxing.

    • Yes
    • No

  5. Unemployed people have no chances to be approved for payday loans online.

    • Yes
    • No

Answers: 1.a). 2.b).( credit score is not a criteria for payday loan’s approval). 3.a).4.a).5.b. ( unemployed are approved in case of having any other steady source of income).


Guaranteed payday loans are an excellent instrument for improving your financial situation for the period of two weeks till you payday in case the sum of 100$-1000$ is enough to cover your expenditures. Guarantee of being approved is the most important advantage you get when you choose payday loans online as the fastest way of solving financial problems. Moreover, the whole process has been designed specially for those people who faced an emergency and don’t have enough time for paperwork and faxing. That’s why payday loan lenders give the guarantee of providing you with the best offers without time-consuming hassle.

Guaranteed instant loans are the good alternative of bank credits because of their ability to satisfy needs of all types of customers, including bad credit borrowers and clients who haven’t got any credit score yet.