Guaranteed approval online installment loans for bad credit


Installment loans online are becoming more and more popular today due to the benefits this type of borrowing can provide you with. If you need to get cash instantly, you may choose among a large number of options available today. However, before making a decision on which one to give preference to, you are recommended to discover which distinctive features each of them has. An installment loan is definitely worth your attention as it allows getting money almost instantly while paying back the borrowed cash later.

If you have already applied for the short-term loans online and understood that you experience difficulties making the repayment within a couple of weeks, pay attention to installment loans. This is a great opportunity to use money for your needs today and pay back the loan in weeks, months, or even years! Want to learn more how to get an installment loan quickly and easily? Then, you are welcome to discover when you should use this loan and which benefits installment loan lenders can offer you.

When Is an Installment Loan a Good Option to Choose?

Those people who have never borrowed money online, often confuse payday loans with installment loans. However, they differ much having only one common feature. Both loans can be easily obtained from the comfort of your home. An installment loan online can be defined as quick financial help that is aimed at providing you with the opportunity to solve all your problems the same day and repay the loan in equal parts during a certain period of time. While loans should be chosen for emergencies, installment loans online can be used for all wants and needs that are worth overpaying the interest.

The amount of loan exceeds the maximum available amount offered by direct payday lenders. Applying for an installment loan you can count on getting from $500 up to several hundreds and thousands of dollars. Some lenders may offer to approve you for the amount of $2000 while others can provide you with the larger loan amount, which varies from lender to lender. In any case, it exceeds much the one a payday loan has. You can borrow money for some long-term projects you have always wanted to realize. It is possible to borrow the amount of money you lack to develop your business or just to buy some branded product you have always wanted to get but couldn't afford. It is up to you to decide how to spend the borrowed loan. The lender will never ask how you are going to manage your budget after getting money online.

What Can Installment Loan Lenders Provide You with?

If you want to get an installment loan but still hesitate because you have no idea on what an installment lender can offer you, check out the list of options below:

  • Get loans from $500 to $3000 (or even more depending on the lender and your monthly income
  • Receive instant feedback from the lending service representative;
  • Be approved even if your credit score is far from perfect;
  • Enjoy a simple application process, which will take you not more than 5 minutes;
  • Receive the necessary consultation from the customer support service available 24/7;
  • Get money exactly when you need it and pay it back in several months or even during one or two years.

Why Should You Give Preference to Installment Loans Online?

Today, installment loans are on the top of the rating because they are the most convenient option to choose if you can't repay money within a short period of time. Check out the list of reasons why this type of borrowing is a good thing to choose.

  • Installment loan lenders make you free of paperwork and time-consuming faxing: Compared to the bank lending process, getting an installment loan is much easier and several times faster due to the absence of paperwork. The lender won't ask you to provide a number of document copies, which aren't required for the successful application process online.
  • High-quality customer support: If you borrow money for the first time, it is natural that you have a lot of questions. Don't hesitate to ask the customer support representatives who are always happy to provide you with the necessary help. You will be guided through the whole process of a loan application if you find it difficult to understand something on your own. You may ask the customer support to help you with providing all necessary personal details if you experience any kind of difficulties.
  • No need to wait for approval for long: One of the major pros of this type of borrowing is that you don't have to wait for long as the decision concerning your approval is going to be provided instantly. Don't worry if you have a bad score as this won't be the main criterion taken into account when making a decision whether to approve your application or not.
  • 100% Confidentiality and protection of your personal details: There is nothing to worry about if you apply for cash online having chosen the reputable lender. Your information shared via the application form is going to be well protected from the unauthorized use. No third parties will be able to access your personal contacts. Lenders offer you to enjoy confidentiality when applying for an internet loan online.
  • High chances to be approved for the desired loan amount: You will be glad to discover that you have great chances to get the desired confirmation that the loan application has been approved. This is due to the fact that the lenders don't have a lot of requirements. If you earn the sufficient amount of money per month and can make regular payments on the monthly basis, you will definitely be approved.

5 Things that Will Help You to Make the Right Decision on Getting an Installment Loan

You don't have to:

  • worry about the hard credit check because it is absent.
  • wait long hours until you find out whether you can meet all lender's requirements or not.
  • spend much time preparing documents as the whole process of borrowing money takes place online.
  • take risks applying for a loan on the Internet as all details are 100% protected.
  • provide anything of value to be able to use the desired amount of money.

When Can You Expect Getting Your Loan?

If you need money now and can't wait for long, an installment loan option is exactly what you need to apply for. You can receive the desired amount of money faster than you can imagine. You are recommended to get started with the application process exactly when you have found out that you may need extra money to realize your plans. As it has already been mentioned, the whole process of filling out an application form takes from three to five minutes if you have all necessary information at hand.

However, you should take into account that there are a lot of different offers on the Internet. This means that you will have to spend about ten or fifteen minutes searching for the offer you can benefit most. It is highly recommended to check out the Terms and Conditions when you apply for a loan. This may take a certain period of time, however, you shouldn't neglect the need to get acquainted with such information due to the fact that this is an effective way to avoid offers from scammers. The reliable installment loan lenders claim that you are going to get a loan within one business day. In fact, this is the maximum waiting period as usually you get money almost instantly after you get the confirmation message.

Pros and Cons of the Loans Repaid in Installments

Like any other thing, installment loans have both advantages and disadvantages you should keep in mind when making a decision concerning the fast money borrowing. Check them out beforehand in order you are able to take the well-informed decision based on the better understanding of the loan benefits and drawbacks. Let's have a closer look at the pros you will get if you give preference to this type of loans.

Pros you will benefit from:

  • Simple application process that takes place online.
  • Bad credit rating isn't a problem.
  • The loan decision is taken within minutes.
  • A large amount of money that can be spent on any needs.
  • The longer repayment period that can last up to several years.

Check out advantages of an installment loan, which you will definitely enjoy if being approved. This type of borrowing seems to be just perfect, isn't it? Let's look at the options, which can refer to the category of cons.

Cons you should bear in mind:

  • Large loan amounts may be considered both a pro and a con due to the fact that it may first be tempting to borrow much but later one can experience difficulties with the repayment schedule.
  • Huge overpayment if you use a loan for two years or longer. Even though the interest rate is not so high as payday loans have, it is still not too cheap. If you calculate how much you will overpay during years, you will see that it is really much.
  • The offer to repay in installments sound tempting to those who want to get certain things now, which leads to the unreasonable purchases as a person thinks “ I will get a loan today and will pay the loan back for months” This is a drawback as many people can not resist getting this type of loan online because of the possibility to pay in equal parts.

Does the Installment Loan Repayment Term Suit You?

Before getting a loan, you are recommended to learn more about the repayment term. As you could already understood, the loan can be repaid in small installments. Every month you are going to pay the loan back according to the agreed scheme. Before getting the desired cash, you are going to sign a loan contract, where it will be mentioned when exactly you have to make the loan repayment.

You will have to pay money on the regular basis avoiding delays. You should take into account that even a day of a delay may have a negative impact on your credit history. If you repay the loan on time during the whole period, you will be able to enjoy the improved credit history. You don't have to do anything special. Just pay the loan back on the due date and your score will gradually improve.

You will get messages every month to remind you of the repayment date. If you have failed to pay the installment on time, you should inform your lender about the reason as soon as possible. Perhaps, you will be able to fix this problem with prolonging the repayment term. Your lender will consider your current situation and offer the best option that will suit you best. Don't just disappear if you can't repay the loan, otherwise, this will lead to the serious unpleasant consequences like the court trial.

How to Know that Loan with the Regular Payments the Best Option for You?

You are offered to look through the questions, which you should ask yourself before you get started with an application process.

  • Do I really need money now?
  • Can I rely on my current employment?
  • Will I be able to make the loan repayments in several months?
  • What will I do if I face an emergency situation preventing me from the regular payment?
  • Will I be able to manage my budget so that the necessary sum is left to make the repayment?

If you have no difficulties answering all the above-mentioned questions, you are welcome to get money the same day and benefit from small-dollar repayments made on the regular contracted basis.


No doubt, that an installment loan is a good option to choose if you need to get the loan amount that exceeds the one offered by the short-term lenders. Moreover, you can manage your budget on your own and pay the loan back in equal parts, which is also very convenient if you have a stable source of income. Getting a loan is very convenient and fast.

However, those who aren't sure that in several months they will be still working at the same company, are recommended to avoid getting loans, which cover the need to make regular payments. Consider all pros and cons before you apply for this kind of loan and make sure that you really need it. Don't take it just because it mustn't be repaid on the payday in full. Think twice before you make the decision to get a loan online as you may fail paying installments for months.