Instant Payday Loans online approval


Nowadays the demand for instant payday loans is growing day by day due to their ability to provide you with fast cash when you need it badly. Giving the preference to online borrowing you have an opportunity to solve your financial problems within a very short period of time. Moreover, this way of getting money is able to help you in saving time and avoiding all irritating inconveniences involved in the process of applying for a credit from the traditional lender.

If the combination of words” instant payday loans” is new for you, then we would be glad to provide you with all necessary information in order you can take the reasonable decision based on awareness and not just spontaneous wish to get money quickly without understanding how it works.

What Kind of Problems can be Solved with the Help of Instant Loans?

Life is unpredictable and even if you try to do your best in managing your budget, there is no guarantee that you won’t have tough times. If you have faced unplanned expenditures like:

  • paying the medical bills;
  • urgent repair of your car;
  • no money to have a normal living standard till you get salary.

These situations are just probable examples of those situations, which can be efficiently solved with the help of an instant payday loan, which is aimed at the emergency situations requiring quick reaction in the equivalent of an amount of money not more than $1000. It is recommended to think everything over before applying for a payday advance and to make the step forward fast cash only in case your problem can’t be solved successfully in any other way.

What Payday Loan Lenders can Offer You?

Instant loans suppose that the client will be able to enjoy the following loan options. You will have an opportunity to:

  • receive from $100 to $1000;
  • apply for instant cash online;
  • be approved with the bad credit rating;
  • avoid paperwork and faxing;
  • get approval without credit check;
  • get professional help from the customer support round the clock.

Reasons which Make You Choose Payday Loans Service

Compared to traditional lenders and the credits they offer, instant loans are more popular among borrowers because of the following reasons:

  • There are not many requirements to meet: this is definitely one of the most important reasons to prefer an instant loan service as people in trouble don’t have much time for unnecessary things like faxing or passing through long paper procedures.
  • Topnotch customer service quality: the representatives of the companies providing clients with instant money are ready to consult you any time during 24 hours a day 7 days per week.
  • 100% Guarantee of privacy and safety: modern encryption technologies are able to protect your personal information during its passing through the website’s system effectively.
  • Instant approval: you will get your positive answer in 15 minutes, which are used for the verification.
  • Ability to enjoy online procedure of getting the necessary amount of money: one of the reasons to choose loans nowadays is their convenience as there is no need to go out anywhere to get your cash as well as repay the loan. The whole process from the very beginning till the end takes place online at the website of your lender. This is especially a good reason to give preference to online payday loans in case you can’t go out at the moment when you need money now.
  • High acceptance level: it means that nothing to worry about as almost every person who is in need becomes the potential instant loans customer easily. Both categories of clients with perfect credit score and those who have experienced failures in past have equal chances to be qualified for the fast source of money offered by loan services.

5 “No” That will Make You Say “Yes”

  • No credit check and teletrack.
  • No long waiting period till you are able to use your money.
  • No need to gather a lot of documents to be approved.
  • No risks to be rejected because of the bad rating.
  • No unwanted questions about how you will spend the loan.
  • No requirement to provide collateral to receive money.

How Much Time is Needed for Getting Money?

As you can guess from the name of this loan type, it supposes that minimum time is required for all procedures involved in its approval.

Even impatient customers will be pleasantly surprised that the whole process is just a matter of minutes.

So, check out if you are fine with the following terms:

  • 3-5 minutes for filling out an online application form provided at the lending company’s website;
  • about 15 minutes for the looking for the most appropriate offer, which meets all your requirements concerning interest rates and terms;
  • 1 hours for considering all pros and cons and taking a reasonable decision doing all necessary calculations and completing the deal with an agreement;
  • One working day for getting your payday loan directly into your banking account.

As you can see instant loans are really instant in comparison with any other loan type.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Holder of Instant Cash

It is a well-known fact that all things have their pros and cons. The same situation is with instant loans, which have more benefits but still have some drawbacks, which should be mentioned in order you can make up your mind being sure that borrowing money online is the best advantageous solution for you.

Pros to enjoy:

  • Easy procedures and minimum requirements.
  • All credit histories are welcomed.
  • Fast decisions taken.

Cons to take into account:

  • Short-term repayment period (usually 1-2 weeks).
  • High-interest rates due to the risks taken by the lenders.
  • Loan amounts not more than $1000.

It is recommended to weigh all pros and cons listed above in order you don’t regret about the taken decision after signing the loan contract.

What You should Know about the Loan Repayment Terms

You should remember that instant payday loans refer to the short term loans. It means that the lender gives you an opportunity to enjoy fast cash during two weeks or so (the exact terms should be discussed with the lender personally) and then you are required to pay the borrowed money back after getting your next salary. Almost all lenders offer a very convenient option of withdrawal money. How it works? Everything is simple: You can repay your loan just staying at home as you don’t need to go anywhere. The payday loan lenders are going to withdraw the necessary amount of money using the same way they provided you with the loan- directly from your banking account. The only thing you need to do is to check if you have enough money there. And don’t forget that it is not only the sum that you have applied for but the interest rate together with the definite annual percentage rate (APR), which may differ from lender to lender.

Points to consider:

  • Is the term of two weeks enough for you to make the repayment on time?
  • Do you find an interest rate not too high for you to repay?
  • What will you do in case something prevents you from repaying loan on the due date?

Is Non-ability to Make the Repayment the Reason to Panic?

Before you are going to get money online, you should be aware of all possible consequences of non-repayment. Be ready to face any situation as even if it seems to you that you have a steady income source, you never know what may happen next minute. That’s why we recommend considering all variants as information awareness is the better weapon fighting against unplanned troubles. Now we are going to consider the situation when a customer can’t make the repayment on the due date, which was agreed among two parties: the direct lender and the borrower. Imagine that you have lost your job or just have unexpected health problems and you have no chance to provide the lender with the amount of money he or she wants to get back by right.

What will be your actions in this situation?

  • First, inform your direct lender about the problems with the repayment terms.
  • Check out if the state you are in provides any restrictions for such options as rollover or some kind of the loan extension.
  • Ask your lender to offer you another repayment schedule, which won’t hurt you much.

The most important is not panic as you need an ability to think reasonably not to get into the trouble.

What is the “Punishment” for the Loan Agreement Violation?

In case you take care of your credit history you should try to do your best to pay money back on the due date. Otherwise, you risk:

  • Spoiling your credit score: it is easy to spoil your credit rating but hard to improve. However, it is not the worst thing that may happen to those borrowers, who fail to repay the loan.
  • Becoming the victim of collector agencies: Your lender may send your debt to the collector agency, which is going to report you to the credit bureaus. Collector agencies are known for their methods of getting the borrowed money, which can’t be called mild at all. They may call your family members or disturb your close people with the request to pay money back. All these events may destroy your credit rating so much that you won’t have the right to take a credit up to seven years.
  • Being sued in the civil court: In case there is a court judgement against you, the lender with the help of the enforcement officer will be able to take your property with the aim to sell it and get the amount of money you have failed to repay on time.

At least, there is some good news: violation of the loan agreement can’t be considered to be a reason to send a borrower to jail. You won’t be arrested in any case, except the situation when a person had an intention to borrow money without paying it back. Be ready to pay high interest charges for nonpayment.

Quiz to Check Out if You can be Qualified for an Instant Loan

The aim of this questionnaire is to help you define if you are going to be approved for the payday loan online. Answer all questions carefully and proceed to the next point only in case you were able to give the positive answer to the previous question. Get started:

  1. Is your age able to meet the legislation’s requirements of providing payday loans only to individuals, who are 18 or older?

    If yes, then continue the quiz, if no- you are recommended to stop here as you don’t have any chances to be approved.

  2. Do you reside in the country you are going to apply for a loan in or you are its citizen?

    In case, you are not a citizen/resident of the country, the legislation forbids providing you with fast money online, if you can meet this requirement, then you are welcome to proceed to the next point.

  3. Are you currently employed?

    If you don’t have permanent job or any other steady income source, the lenders won’t be able to take such risks borrowing you money without having any guarantee that you will be able to find the source of finance till the end of your repayment term. Apply for payday loans only in case you have income you can rely on and you are able to prove it with the paycheck.

  4. Do you have at least simple checking account?

    Payday advance is going to be transferred directly into your banking account. This means you should provide the lending company with the details of your valid banking account, which is one of the obligatory requirements to get quick money.

  5. Are you ready to share your personal data with the lender?

    You should be ready to fill in an application form, which requires giving your contact information (e-mail, telephone number), passport details, Social Security Number, banking account information.

In case you have replied “YES” to all questions, nothing to worry about as you will be approved for the loan without any problems.


On the one hand, instant payday loans are really a great thing till you use them following all instructions. On the other hand, they may become your bad dream if you were not careful while getting acquainted with all terms and conditions offered. Instant loans are for you if you need small amount of money for the given period of time and not longer. Enjoy no credit check and high approval level but don’t forget about such risks as high fees and short repayment term not to get into the worse trouble you had been before applying for instant loan online.