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5 Differences of Payday Loans Compared to Bank Credits

Still have doubts what to choose: payday loans online or traditional bank credits? After reading this article you will get rid of all doubts as the choice is obvious. If you have never applied for a payday loan online, learn more about the things, which make these two types of loans different in order you can take a reasonable decision based on necessary knowledge.

Difference number 1: No unnecessary documentation

When you need money badly, you don’t have time for faxing and paperwork. Traditional banks credits can’t be given without all these procedures. However, their alternative- payday loans online are applied via Internet avoiding wasting time for papers. The only thing you need is Internet access and 5 minutes to fill in an application form, which is rather simple even if you don’t communicate with information technologies well.

Difference number 2: Bad credit is OK

Bad credit rating is not a problem in case you want to get from $100 to $1000 as the payday loan lenders guarantee approval for this amount everybody who is in need of fast source of money. Sure, that there are some requirements to meet but compared to banks there are not many. By the way, traditional banks reject those who have imperfect credit history. Bad credit borrowers are welcomed to get bad credit loans and improve their poor credit score in some period of time with the help of on time repayments.

Difference number 3: Superfast approval

In case you need money as quickly as possible, choose payday loans online and you will be able to solve all your problems requiring urgent finance within one day. Submit an application form and wait for your approval for 10-15 minutes. As for the traditional banks it may take you several days till you get your approval taking.

Difference number 4: Simple basic requirements

Answer these questions and check if you are eligible for payday loans online:

  • Are you 18 or older?
  • Are you a citizen or a resident?
  • Are you employed?
  • Are you a holder of the banking account?
  • Are you ready to share the necessary personal information with your lender?

If you have answered positively to all questions, then you won’t face any difficulties meeting all basic requirements provided by the payday loan lenders.

This minimum won’t be enough for the traditional lenders as banks need all information concerning your past borrowings.

Difference number 5: No collateral required

Banks often ask their clients for some collateral as the guarantee of credit repayment, which the bank can take instead of the loan in case the customer isn’t able to pay money back on time. The only thing that serves the so-called guarantee for the instant loan lenders is the evidence provided by the borrower in the form of a paycheck. In comparison with banks, direct lenders of online payday advance never ask for the collateral. Due to this payday lenders provide their services at the higher interest rates. But remember that you pay for convenience, minimum of requirements and guaranteed approval.